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Physics Puzzle Game

Play Launchball

Project Information

The aim of Launchball is to guide a metal ball to a goal by mastering physics-related building-blocks such as batteries, water, lights, conductors and springs to name a few. Each level covertly teaches the player about important physics phenomena, whilst a level designer allows players to put their theories to test and share new challenges with friends and the Launchball community.

Aimed at 8-14 children as an educational tool, the game quickly spread beyond its remit. Digg’d over a thousand times, blogged about globally and featured in many walk-through videos on YouTube it quickly became a success. A Google search for Launchball game returns 40,000+ results. In the first six months the game attracted over 2.8 million plays rising at a rate of 200,000+ new visitors monthly and over 65,000 levels were designed. Within a year the game had received over 10 million plays.

Project Recognition

Eurobest Gold Winner
SXSW Best in Show
Flash in the Can Winner
Museums & the Web Winner
D&AD In-book Status
Creative Review Annual In-book
Webbys Finalist
FWA Site of the Day

Production Team

Creative Director, Rob Corradi
Technical Director, Andy Beaumont
Design Director, Phil Stuart
Designer, Jon Mallinson
Developer, Henry Cooke
Producer, Sarah Pridham
Sound & Music, Owen Lloyd